With a countdown of days until Summer 2021 ends and “back to school” starts, make sure your kids have a few “JumpKing trampoline days” and play outdoors.


Summer Trampoline “To Do” Checklist:





1. Create a trampoline tent/cosy den (colourful trampoline canopy range and trampoline tent range available)


2. Play various trampoline chalk games


3. Hose the trampoline bed as a ‘cool down’ zone (if hot weather)


4. Gymnastics day with family and friends (jumping competitions)


5. A trampoline bed chill out day - get comfy and play board games, read books and watch movies on a tablet/laptop/mobile


Whatever they choose to do, make sure they have plenty of fresh air and enjoy the outdoors for the last 2 weeks of the school holidays!!!


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