Jumpking in Autumn

It’s officially Autumn (September 23rd 2022)

Start preparing your trampoline for the Winter season ahead

If you’ve been searching “Can you keep a trampoline outside in winter?” the answer is…”Yes”

You simply have to adapted it for upcoming harsher weather conditions.

Keep a well-maintained family trampoline all year round, no need to disassemble it, simply follow our trusty trampoline winter care advise:


Lower your trampoline net during windy weather, to reduce height and help prevent damage


Use a trampoline cover, to keep the bed clear of debris such as leaves and birds mess, maintaining a clean trampoline


Finally, use a trampoline tie down kit to ensure your trampoline is anchored to the ground no matter what the season


View our Autumn/Winter trampoline accessories all available here on our website to help you prepare:





Whether it’s raining, hailing, harsh wind conditions or even snowing, your JumpKing trampoline can stay outside and upright to use, with the right protection in place.


Our covers are designed to sit flat on your trampoline bed either inside the trampoline enclosure net or over the surround pad too, depending on the shape and size of your JumpKing.

Our tie down kits are designed to anchor your trampoline to the ground any season. They are a great solution to hold your trampoline firmly in place, preventing it from blowing away in high winds, so your trampoline will stay with you for many years to come.

We hope you find our seasonal advise helpful as always, we’d recommend investing in the right protecti accessories to avoid having the costs of replacing your trampoline annually.

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