1. October 04, 2022

    Is your trampoline Autumn/Winter ready?

    It’s officially Autumn (September 23rd 2022)

    Start preparing your trampoline for the Winter season ahead

    If you’ve been searching “Can you keep a trampoline outside in winter?” the answer is…”Yes”

    You simply have to adapted it for upcoming harsher weather conditions.

    Keep a well-maintained family trampoline all year round, no need to disassemble it, simply follow our trusty trampoline winter care advise:


    Lower your trampoline net during windy weather, to reduce height and help prevent damage


    Use a trampoline cover, to keep the bed clear of debris such as leaves and birds mess, maintaining a clean trampoline

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  2. February 25, 2022

    JumpKing’s UK 20th Birthday

    It’s our business birthday, we’re celebrating 20 years of Jumpking in the UK!!!

    JumpKing is the world's leading trampoline company, providing the quality and strength you would expect, our range caters for all ages, for your whole family to enjoy, trampolining is simply fun fitness for everyone!!!

    We have expanded from selling our JumpKing trampoline range, to a vast range of products.

    Our trampoline with enclosures include oval, round and rectangular models, of various sizes. Our large trampolines have been popular over the years with many gymnasts. Perhaps your little ones had their first mini bouncer trampoline from us which got them started?

    We are unique in selling trampoline spare parts too, such as nets, beds, surround

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  3. February 01, 2022

    Children's Mental Health Week 2022

    We're proud to spread the word for the charity Place2Be, helping to shine a light on the importance of children and young people's mental health.

    Raising awareness of children’s mental health support is important to us, as 1 in 6 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health condition.


    Children's Mental Health Week 7th-13th February 2022


    This year’s theme is “Growing Together”, next week Place2Be will be encouraging children to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow.

    Emotional wellbeing is essential from a young age, growing intellectually whilst obtaining knowledge and skills throughout childhood, no child should not have to face mental

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  4. 5 Things to do on a Trampoline before Summer ends...

    With a countdown of days until Summer 2021 ends and “back to school” starts, make sure your kids have a few “JumpKing trampoline days” and play outdoors.


    Summer Trampoline “To Do” Checklist:





    1. Create a trampoline tent/cosy den (colourful trampoline canopy range and trampoline tent range available)


    2. Play various trampoline chalk games

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  5. ZorbPOD Vs. Rectangular Trampolines

    Les deux styles d’enceinte trampoline offrent une structure sûre et sécurisée pour les enfants et les adultes à apprécier, cependant, ce qui est bon pour vous?

    Avec le gouvernement assouplissant les règles de distanciation sociale, vous pouvez confortablement hâte de garden parties avec vos amis et familles à nouveau cet été.


    Un trampoline de jardin est la source parfaite de divertissement amusant, sans parler de la façon dont le trampoline bénéfique est à votre santé.


    Donc, que vous choisissiez parmi notre gamme de trampoline ZorbPOD, oude  nos trampolines rectangulaires Jumpking,  vous allez adorer l’expérience de saut qu’ils

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